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Initial Server Setup

Our Initial Server setup includes


Verification of server resources to make sure that the server is setup as you wanted


Setting up Control panel.


Remove unwanted programs from startup.


Server Installation and configuration of various services.


Recompile the kernel with added security features and optimum modules.


Tweak applications such as Apache, Mysql, Exim etc to increase the performance.


Setup DNS (with/without DNS cluster).


Installing and configuring Mailmon to prevent spam.


Setup systems backup.


Setup server monitoring.


Install techbrein scripts to perform various tasks.


Securing the server.

a) Setting up firewall using CSF, iptables etc.

b) Configuring mod_dosevasive to prevent DDoS attacks.

c) Configuring mod_security for Apache

d) SSH hardening

e) Configuring LFD to prevent brute force attack

f) Check for trojans and rootkits

g) Securing PHP

h) Prevent the server from being rooted when a new security hole is found on the server kernel and upgrade it to the latest version as soon as it is released.

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