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Performance Optimization


Optimizing your server is integral to let the websites and other applications running on it work seamlessly. If your websites have become sluggish or your server is getting a colossal load as a result of high traffic inflow, then your server needs to be optimized. Do not worry, our experienced server optimization team could help you with that.

A well-optimized server can perform up to 1000% better compared to its original state depends upon the underlying problems. So, it is of paramount importance to keep your server optimized. This way the websites can withstand high traffic helping to maintain their reputation and thus they will prefer to adhere to you. We can provide you with professional performance optimization service at an affordable price and the best performance is assured.

Our team of experts is not only qualified but also has undergone rigorous training in Server Optimizations. This enables them to deliver maximum performance by perfectly strengthening the available resources and controlling resource usage, helping the operation resources to be saved for alternative uses. We are well versed in optimizing every service in a server and we also make sure that the server is working as it should be, after every service update or application update. If you are a hosting service provider, your clients might prefer other servers over yours if your server does not perform up to the mark. Hence, do not delay to avail of our performance optimization service else you will lose your clients and your competitors will get ahead of you. With Techbrace, you need not have to think twice. Contact us as soon as possible. We are eager to cater to your needs.



Perform detailed server infrastructure and hardware analysis.


Make sure all hardware components are working fine

Tweak the necessary operating system settings and configurations.


Tweak web server


Setup web proxy


Tweak MySQL database servers.


Identify poorly performing queries.


Identify key application level issues.


Update Kernel Parameter Settings


Install and configure caching service for PHP acceleration.


Install and configure caching service for serving static content.


Update the security patches.


Update the service or application to the stable version


Optimize network components

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