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AWS Cloud Management

AWS Cloud Management

Techbrace provides the best solution to ensure your AWS infrastructure are working fine at all times. We can also help you migrate your existing infrastructure to AWS cloud.

We can help you to create your AWS instances and setup the Cloud infrastructure for your website & email as per your requirement. AWS is a great platform for hosting your development projects due to its per hour billing, scalability and availability of wide range of server environments.

Some of the Tasks we perform at AWS


New EBS instance.


Configuring firewall, Attaching volumes, Assign elastic IP, Change key pair


Auto Scaling


Elastic Load Balancing


Snapshot of current instance.


High Performance Computing (HPC) Clusters


Custom AMI.


Setup server backup using S3.


Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

and more.
We are familiar with Amazon’s Auto scaling feature that enables adding or removing an instance on demand. Please note that we consider them as individual instances for Monthly Server Management packages as we have to manage each of those instances separately.

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