Security Services

Security Vulnerability Scan

Everyday security engineers/researchers are discovering lots of new exploits, vulnerablities and other security bugs in softwares and we have to install/patch the application if the new exploit is critical before an hacker use it. Our security scanning, checks all major softwares and notify us if an update is required for applications . Our engineers checks latest exploit releases and manually verfiy, if the server is safe with exploits.

We have our own tool to scan 3rd party applications verions to check installed version is safe or not. A notification mail will be sent after the check. This can reduces account level hacks.

Keeping a server secure is the most challenging task today. Default server and additional software configurations put the server into Risk. Dont worry! we are here to help you out. All configuration files must be reconfigured/recompiled to make sure, only the required services/port is enabled. All unused modules and application extension must be uninstalled as well.

Securing the server starts from implementing access restriction to applying software patches. To make the server secure we will,

Disable direct root login and harden the passwords

Use Secure Shell (SSH)

Update kernel and other softwares

Uninstall any unwanted softwares

Monitor the logs to find any suspecious activity.

Install our own scripts to monitor if any vulnerable application is installed on the server.