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Reverse web proxy is a means of improving the performance of the web by enabling one web server to offer its contents from another transparently. This allows for access from the web to servers behind firewalls. The advantages of using reverse web to a proxy server is sought out and provided to the clients by Techbrace. Whether the proxied server is a web server or application server using a different protocol reverse proxying has the been the most preferred way on the web to deploy JAVA/Tomcat applications.

Some of the advantages of reverse proxy servers can be listed as follows:

Load balancing

The role of a traffic cop is taken up by the reverse proxy server that helps in distributing server requests among a number of servers in a most effective manner making complete utilization of speed and capacity of each server.

Web acceleration

web content traffic among servers can be sped up by compressing inbound and outbound data and additional tasks such as SSL encryption can also be done so as to improve the performance of the servers.

Security and anonymity

reverse proxy servers protect the server identities and provide high protection from security attacks by allowing just a single URL to access multiple servers.

Encryption offload

simplified management of encryption keys and certificates helps in securing connections from the server so that the reverse proxy can help in setting SSL encrypted connections.

Techbrace helps in setting up a reverse proxy server that can be used competently to balance load among back-end servers and provide caching for a slower back end server.
Reverse Nginx proxy server has become well known for its high performance, stability, rich feature set, low resource consumption and simple configuration. This configuration helps in drastically increase the loading speed of the website. Nginx acts as an intermediate layer of a website for security, load distribution, caching and compression purposes.
Nginx uses a scalable event driven (asynchronous) architecture which uses small yet predictable and amanageable amounts of memory under load. Nginx can be incorporated among various forms of setup be they small VPS or also among clusters of servers.

Nginx helps in managing multiple back ends for the reverse proxy in cases of increased traffic. Nginx acts as a transparent reverse proxy and most users are unaware of the affects of scaling on site interactions. In cases of small traffic a single back end process is sufficient while for increase of traffic the number of back end solutions also need to be increased. Here Nginx helps in managing multiplex client requests.

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