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Server Monitoring


Servers are the pillar of the Internet world. Once their function is disrupted the websites will quickly plummet. To reduce the downtime and to ensure the peak performance of the servers and website, constant monitoring of server infrastructure and the related components is essential. Server Monitoring is the process of monitoring a server’s system resources like CPU usage, service status, memory consumption, load, network, disk usage, process, etc, and analyzing it for the availability, operations, performance, security, and other operations-related processes. This way our expert server management team will identify the problems and take appropriate actions accordingly.

Time is money, so at any downtime, it would affect the business on a high scale. Server Monitoring ensures a server or server infrastructure is functioning at its best. It gives you an insight into the working of your system. Server monitoring helps in identifying performance and maintenance-related issues. It spots even minor issues before they evolve into anything major and eradicates it. Through Server Monitoring, you could bolster the capacity planning since you can identify the server’s system resource. Contact Techbrace to avail of our professional Server Monitoring service and get your server scrupulously monitored by our adept server management team.



It helps to analyse the performance of the server


It helps to identify the responsiveness of the server.


It helps to monitor server availability and data loss.


It helps to check the availability of a website.


It helps to keep the server infrastructure intact.


It helps to analyse the server capacity and user load.


It helps to detect issues and act proactively to keep the server protected


It helps to prevent attacks caused by vulnerabilities.



24×7 alerting and monitoring


Monitoring CPU, Disk and System Processes.

Monitor Memory Consumption and I/O


Network monitoring


File Server Monitoring


Database Server Monitoring


Web Server Monitoring


Mail Server Monitoring


Monitoring all server related services


Taking proactive measures when needed


Hardware Monitoring


Remote monitoring and maintenance


Log Files Monitoring

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