Top Causes of Website Downtime

Is your website is going down regularly?

Top Causes of Website Downtime 

If your website is not available for a long period you will be losing your clients and revenue generated via your domain. There might be many reasons for your domain's unavailability. Here are a few reasons among them:

Hardware failure: One of the main culprit causing downtime is a failed hardware. A faulty power supply or a hard disk can increase downtime. Most of the datacenters now provide IPMI access to there clients. Use IPMI to check the console messages and confirm no Hardware issues. Contact your datacenter to check if any issues with your server.

DNS issues: Sometimes DNS can be a culprit in server downtime. There are a number of issues can cause by your DNS server/zone. An incorrectly configured A record or wrong nameservers configured at the domain registrar. DNS propagation delay itself takes a couple of hours to complete. Check your DNS records are correct.

Application issues: If you have built your domain using a popular CMS applications and its latest update can be incompatible with installed plugins, database errors or other issues which may lead to White Screen Of Death(WSOD). Make sure you have enough backup before proceeding with an upgrade.

DDoS attack: A DDoS attack, also known as a denial of service attack, when a person/group tries to flood a server with requests in order to crash the server. If you have a shared hosting plan and the attackers target might be other domain sharing the same server. This will take down all domains hosted on that server until we mitigate the attack.

Bad Website Hosting: Your hosting provider might be offering you a high uptime guarantee and they might not be monitoring their servers regularly or the server might be overcrowded with accounts and enough resources won't be there to serve all users. Our monitoring service, we will ensure minimum downtime for your domain/server.

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