Stronly Recommended – A+++++

Techbrace offered a great service since the first approach, they fully understand my needs, and since the first email i sent to them they started working in the new server.

The configuration of the server was a perfect job, its been more than three months since the configuration and migration and haven't had a single problem with the box. The enhancements made for security are also great, since i receive a lot of attacks every day, but none of them has been able to bring down the server.

Eventhough migrating the accounts was a delicate process they were able to handle it without any error, and all the accounts were successfully transferred.

One of the things i most appreciate about Techbrace is that they really are 24/7 available, and it didn't matter that there is a 12 hour difference between them and me, they always answered every mail, no matter the hour or the day.

Therefore i strongly recommend the services offered by Techbrace.

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