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VPS Management

The backbone of a successful web hosting business is Excellent Server Management & Customer Support. Setting up an inhouse support team and maintaining them to provide a healthy 24×7 support is an expensive as well as tedious job. To ensure complete required expertise and 100% customer satisfaction with the resources will be even more difficult.

BUT you need not worry! Techbrace is here to give you the best possible web hosting support solutions at an affordable price. Our Engineers are well qualified and experienced to ensure smooth running of your servers as well as make your customers happy with excellent technical support. You may concentrate on developing the business, leaving technical support and server management to us. We offer support via helpdesk/email, phone, chat and even social media. You may also choose a timeframe for our service if 24×7 is not what you are looking for.

Advantages of Techbrace Outsourced Hosting Support (SHOT)

Utmost Customer Satisfaction
Techbracians know exactly what their job is. Finely managed servers coupled with excellent technical support brings utmost customer satisfaction who are just happy with what they get and becomes your strongest marketing tool with highly positive word of mouth. Our carefully done quality control process ensures complete customer satisfaction. There is no better marketing tool than a bunch of happy customers. We make your customers fall in love with your hosting services.

True 24×7 Support
When we say we provide 24×7 support, we really mean it. We provide round the clock support whether it’s midnight or day, whether it’s a weekend or a public holiday. Your customers queries or issues will always be responded and resolved in a timely manner. Your customers are going to love it!

Backed by a Powerful System
SHOT is backed by a combination of two intelligent applications – CRAM & AIMS. While CRAM provides the facility to keep track of server status & updates AIMS lets our Engineers complete their tasks efficiently on time. Thus extracting maximum performance from the personnal and increasing the productivity.

Highly skilled and experienced technicians
All Engineers at Techbrace are gone through an intense training to make them capable of meeting the huge demands of a responsible System Admin and letting them handle pressure situations delicately. The Techbracians with their vast experience and huge expertise can find solutions to all kinds of issues at all times.

Save Money
The overall cost for having an outsourced Server Management & Tech Support team at Techbrace is so much less compared to a setting up an in house team. An office with nice interior is no longer a necessity, nor you have to spend too much for the IT & power inftrastructure at the office. Additionally, you also save the cost for recruitement and training.

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