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Server Security Auditing

Server Auditing

Security is a vital component of a server as a hacked server not only cause data loss & down time, but also affect the reputation of the firm. A secure server keeps tension away. Periodic auditing needs to be carried out on servers to ensure that they are safe.

We take care of the following, but not limited to, while performing security auditing:


Checking Server softwares versions for vulnerblities


Ensures a tight firewall is in place


Spamming issues


Check for unauthorized access to the server


Scanning for virues and rootkits


Ensure all applications are secured


Setup various security tools & scripts that alerts of security issues to run periodically


Startup services tweaking


SSH security hardening


Restrict user privileges


Make sure system binaries are restricted for users

These above checks ensure that the server is stable and not having any issues. We can change the duration of server auditing as per our client’s needs.

Server auditing tells us how well and updated is the server. Server auditing at regular intervals is a must to:


Improve security


Reduce risk

Avoid downtime

Keep the server uptodate

Ensure data integrity

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