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Server Migration

Server/Account/Website Migration

Thanks to our unique finely tuned migration strategy & process, Techbrace has carried out hundreds of server migration successfully with minimal or no downtime as well as post migration issues.

Server migration is a process of moving data from one server to another. The data migrated could be:
A single website

An account having multiple websites

A server as a whole.

An entire hosting infrastructure to another

We have a unique process of Data migration depending on the data to be migrated. A server migration is planned in multiple situations.
When server configuration is incomaptible with the web application.
To upgrade the server for better performance.
To change the web host or Data Centre.

We have constructed a unique Server or Account Migration Process with our expertise and experience in handling them. We have migrated hundreds of servers with minimal or no downtime/post migration issues at all. It is highly recommended to utilize the help of specialists like us to migrate the server to avoid errors and loss of data during and after the migration. We study the new server, setup and make it fully compatible with the old server from where the data is being migrated. Our migration process is done in such a way so that the end user won’t even notice any downtime or such as process being taken care unless they are informed of the same. We also perform post migration checkup to confirm everything is working fine and perfect.

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