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Server Infrastructure Consultation

Server Infrastructure Consultation

We have a team of highly experienced engineers who can design your simple or complex server infrastructure as per needs. We can redesign your current infrastructure to perform better using the technologies like Load balancing, MySQL replication. We can assist you in designing your network using AWS instances to reduce infrastructure cost and start new instances as and when required.

Server infrastructure is the combined form of hardware, software, network and services required for the operation of an IT environment. Server infrastructure is usually setup internally within an organization to give better and secure IT environment for employees. A standard IT infrastructure consists of the following components:


Servers, workstations, hubs, switches, routers etc.


Enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) etc.


Internet connectivity, firewall etc.


If you have more than one server to manage your work, then server infrastructure setup should be done with professionals like us to utilize the maximum output from the servers. The servers should be organized to make them work better together.

Our services include:


Plan, implement and maintain server infrastructure


Plan and implement server virtualization infrastructure


Plan and implement server upgrade and migration


Plan and implement backup system


Plan and implement network infrastructure


Cloud based server infrastructure setup, maintainance and migration


Secured data and application access around workstations

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