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Backup and restore Services

Server Backup Service

Having a backup of the important data on your server is not a luxury but a necessity. Be it data loss due to RAID or Harddisk failure or data modification due to Data Integrity attack, backups are the best insurance and that’s why we offer our Data Backup & Restore services to you. At Techbrace, our experts are well-versed in configuring all types of backups and strategies as per your need. Be it local backup which is an in-house backup where the files are stored internally or externally in a storage medium like a hard drive, or a remote backup which is a remotely-connected offsite backup that can be restored from anywhere, we can get it done flawlessly.

You can count on us even if you want your data like database, website contents, emails, and other data to be backed up at a particular time you wish. We get this done by building solid scripts and adding a cron job to start the periodic backup process automatically and enabling you to restore the files in case your current files become corrupted. What’s more, our backup setup process also includes auto-deletion of old backups to conserve disk space.


1. Full backup
In a full backup, everything from files and folders to applications and, databases will be backed up again entirely in any subsequent backup operations. Many redundant data copies will also be created in this.

2. Incremental backup
In Incremental backup, all the files that have changed since the last backup operation are backed up.

3. Differential backup
This backup refers to backing up the only changed files since the last full backup.

4. Mirror backup
A mirror backup, as the name implies, is when an exact copy is made as that of the source data. When obsolete files are deleted, they disappear from the mirror backup also when the system backs up.

Server Disaster Recovery & Restoration Service

Along the journey, you may require to recover your data backup when changes take place knowingly or unknowingly. This includes a system crash, failed plugin update, or even malicious attacks leading to data corruption or loss. Backup recovery is the best and easy bet in these scenarios. Recovery may seem like a silly process but in fact, you need experts to carry out the job carefully and professionally to ensure fast recovery and prevent further issues. Sometimes, the application may not work straightforward post data restore, however, we identify the issues and fix them permanently. At Techbrace, we have a team of well-trained engineers who are experts in data restoration. Entrust the data recovery to us and you may relax. Even if you want to restore data from one platform to another, we can do it seamlessly with the least downtime.

In certain situations, there may be no need to restore the entire website content. Therefore, we check for corrupted data and replace them with backed-up data, ensuring that your website or application has as latest contents as possible.

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