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Fully Managed Dedicated Servers

Our Fully Managed Dedicates Servers are the best option for you if you want to launch web hosting service or you have one or more of web ventures that need dedicated servers. Buying a server directly from a Data centre is not a good option unless you have your own Server Management team. The servers provided by Data centres are normally unmanaged or its not affordable. If you are looking for affordable fully managed Dedicated Servers, your search ends here.

This a tension free plan where your entire server management and services are taken care of by us thereby reducing your anxiety regarding the servers and giving you time to concentrate more on your business sales, marketing and other related areas. The server according to your needs and requirements are prepared for you and looked after so that they stay stable as well as secure and perform to its maximum. These servers are monitored and managed by us 24×7 for your convenience. We perform pro-active security updates whenever a security vulnerability is out so that your server is never in danger of getting hacked. We also provide 24×7 monitoring to ensure all critical services are working fine and the server load is at optimum condition.

Why Do You Need Techbrace Dedicated Servers?

You should consider switching to dedicated servers if you have lots of traffic. When you switch to dedicated servers you don’t have to share server resources and can utilize all your server resources to keep your website up and running. Since you have complete control on your server, the server can be customized to suit your requirement. Main advantage of dedicated server is you have a much better secure environement as we can setup your own security access control policy and don’t have to be worried about the security of websites owned by others.

With fully managed dedicated servers you will get all the benefits of owning a dedicated server without knowing the technical side of it. A managed dedicated server is the best thing to choose if you want to get most out of a dedicated server. Managed dedicated servers gives you:


Reduced Risk.


Improved security.


Timely Update and upgrade of OS, Security and Applications on the server.


24×7 realtime monitoring and management.


24×7 Support.


Periodic security scans and audits.