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Website Support

When the present & future of your business depends on your website, it is essential to make sure that your website is online, secure and performing well at all times. When any part of that criteria is not met, that’s when you would need our assistance. Our Expert Support Engineers monitor your website for uptime, secure and performance thereby exploiting your web presence at the maximum.

Cloud Management

Our Cloud Management services assist you to develop and execute a cloud management strategy that optimizes your applications across multiple platforms and providers. Our skillful team will make it easy for you by setting up the Cloud infrastructure for your website & email, migrating any part of your applications, computing, and storage operations to the cloud as per your requirement.



Hosting Support

Cloud Computing


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cPanel centralized DNS server


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cPanel centralized Mail Server


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Load Balancing

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why Us

Excellent Quality

Quality of service is the most important attribute as far as we are concerned. We always strive to get the best result and never settle with mediocrity. Try now to experience it!

Flexible Plans


White Label Support

We provide support to your clients via your helpdesk platforms as your own staff.

Multi Channel Support


High Skilled & Experienced Engineers


Fast response Time


True 24X7 Support


Utmost Customer Satisfaction

Our systematic approach enables us to serve our customers at the lowest prices possible.

Backed by a Powerful System


Save Money

Our systematic approach enables us to serve our customers at the lowest prices possible. Reduce your operating cost considerably with Techbrace Outsourced support.


Stronly Recommended – A+++++

One of the things i most appreciate about Techbrace is that they really are 24/7 available, and it didnt matter that there is a 12 hour difference between them and me, they always answered every mail, no matter the hour or the day.
Therefore i strongly recommend the services offered by Techbrace.

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Carlos Alcocer


  • Can my clients contact you for there technical issues.


    Yes. They can contact us through your helpdesk/ chat for fixing their technical issues. Our engineers will be monitoring your helpdesk and chat and respond to your clients query as soon as it arrives.

  • Do you offer hosting support?


    Yes. We do offer support for your dedicated, shared and reseller hosting.

  • I need is a one time service. Do you offer that?


    Yes we do provide one time services. You can visit On-demand section for more information.

  • What payment mode do you support?


    We accept Paypal and wire transfer.

  • Do you handle all abuse messages raised by the DC?


    Yes. We will take care of all abuse/DCMA notices raised by the Datacenter and other organizations.

  • Do you perform Server Reboots?


    We will reboot the server using Data center login.

  • What is the difference between VPS node and VPSes


    A VPS node is the main server where all the virtual machines are installed. A VPSes is a virtual machine installed on VPS node.

  • Are our applications cloud-ready?


    Let our experts check whether your applications are cloud ready.

  • Can I submit support request over IM or Phone?


    You can. However, we won't recommend passing login credentials via IM or phone.

  • Do you install 3rd party server software?


    Yes. We can install and configure any 3rd party applications of your choice.

  • How long does it usually take to respond to a ticket?


    All tickets will be attended within 30 mins. There are server management plans which have have lesser response time.

  • Can I use remaining minutes of on-demand work for future use?


    No. Since we charge you hourly, remaining minutes will get lapsed. You can use the remaining time for fixing any other issues you are facing with the server.

  • How much your ondemand service will cost me to fix my server issue?


    Most of the issues will get fixed in an hour by our experienced engineers. We will give you an estimate before starting the work. We bill the work hourly basis. Means, if an issue takes 1 hours and 30 mins to fix. You will be billed for 2 hours.

  • Can you make my server 100% secure and hack proof?


    According to us, no one can make a server hack proof. There will be OS, application vulnerabilities which open back doors for a hacker. We can harden your server such a way that it will be more secure to attacks.

  • Which all services do you monitor in your Server monitoring plan?


    The following services are monitored: File system, Total Processes, Load, MYSQL, Mail Queue, HTTP, Mysql, Clamd, FTP, IMAP, SSH, SMTP. We can configure any service for monitoring. We write our own scripts to monitor custom services.

  • What OS do you support?


    We support Windows and all flavors of Linux.

  • Which all control panels do you support?


    We support all major control panels like Cpanel, plesk, DirectAdmin etc.... We can support custom panels.

  • Which all helpdesk softwares do you support?


    We support WHMCS, supportpal, Cerberus, Kayako etc.. We can setup and use any helpdesk application of your choice.

  • Is the Helpdesk software setup on our server or your server?


    We will setup Helpdesk software on your server.

  • Is my information kept secure?


    Yes. All your information will kept safe.

  • Do you offer one-time services?


    Yes. Please visit our ondemand section for more details.

  • How long you are in business?


    We are in business for last 12 years.

  • Do you pro-actively manage our servers and keep it updated?


    Yes. Our Engineers will be monitoring your server 24x7

  • Do you offer real 24×7 server management?


    Yes. Our support department is 24x7x365. Our sales and billing department works only during office hours Indian Standered time.

  • Can you work with my existing IT team ?


    Yes. We can work with your existing IT team

  • Is your service 100% white labeled?


    Yes. We will be using your helpdesk/ticketing systems to interacting with your clients as your support team.

  • Is there any daily ticket limit for per ticket plan?


    No. You can use any number of tickets per day. We will serve all your clients

  • What will happen if the number of tickets reaches maximum tickets allowed?


    Once all tickets used as per your plan. You will be charged for every additional ticket as per existing plan.


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