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Virtualization or a virtual environment has gained popularity with the years considering its benefits over other similar types of hosting environments. Some of the main features or advantages of the virtualization are as given below:

A single physical server with two or more virtual servers where each virtual server runs as one dedicated server. In such cases each VPs can be rebooted separately from other servers and has root access, along with users having their own IP addresses, memory, applications, system libraries, processes, files and configuration files.

 Virtual servers are capable of utilizing the resources available of a physical server more efficiently.

 Unnecessary costs of electricity and space rental are cut short thereby saving money.

 Can be utilized as a low cost and effective disaster recovery tool.

 The versatility and flexibility of the virtual environment makes it suitable for any data center, hardware architecture and operating systems.

The entire virtualization services including consulting, installation, upgrades, system, maintenance and support are provided by Techbrace so that you can remain tension free and work comfortably in the virtual environment that has been created for you in the company. Affordable and effective virtualization services that can be managed at ease are provided for your convenience.

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