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A database is most crucial to the company which keeps record of all important information regarding the company resources. These databases have to be up to date as often as possible as well safely backed up. A back up database can become out of date yet keeping a real time copy of the database on a remote server can ensure the safety of the information and still keep the database updated at all times.

Replication involves the process of replicating information in one MySQL database server,the master server to one or more MySQL database servers, which are termed as the slave servers. Here a continuos connection need not be established between the slave server and master server for information to be kept updated. Long distance datas or even temporary or intermittent connections can be replicated in this manner. Database to be replicated can be selected according to the amount that needs to be replicated as a whole, or as parts.

Scale-out solutions

Here the load is evenly distributed amongst the multiple slave servers so that the performance of each and every server is efficiently improved. The read and write speed are accordingly improved in the case of master and slave servers.

Data security

The data from the database of the master is replicated onto the slave and so further replication at the slave does not take place which helps in ensuring the safety of the data in the master from further corruption by any means and also possible to set up backup at the slave server.


Here a distinction between the master and the slave can be setup. Any new data can be created in the master and simultaneously study of data can take place at the slave without having to affect the performance of the master.

Long-distance data distribution

For long distance communication that might be needed in case of a branch office, data can be copied and send locally from the master so that permanent access to the master need not be necessary at all times.

There are a number of ways in which replication can be done and the best method to do it is determined by factors such as presence of data and the engine
types that are in usage. The best and most effective means of replication are advised to you by Techbrace so that your work is most efficiently and resourcefully.

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