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Load Balancing


Load balancing is a core networking solution that provides scalability and high availability for web site cloud services across servers. Incoming server traffic is evenly distributed among servers that are involved in hosting the same application content. Effective balancing of application requests among multiple servers helps in improving overall application availability and responsiveness. Overburdening of any one server and subsequent unresponsiveness causing server damages can be avoided effectively by load balancing means thereby ensuring the health of servers.

Some of the load balancing techniques that are available for server selection are

Round robin

 Least connections

 Weighted round robin

 Weighted least connections

 Fastest response

Load balancing services provided by Techbrace helps in managing high incoming traffic for better efficiency and productivity. You can direct your attention to more critical matters in hand than on maintaining infrastructure since these matters together with traffic directing can be handled effortlessly by our load balancing services. Traffic to the site can be managed depending upon conditions such as geography, measured client and network performance, ASN/CIDR, weighted distributions and more.

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