Disaster Prevention & Recovery

Prevention of Disasters & Disaster Recovery


Long service outages can cause customer attrition and revenue loss. We can help you in backing up your server in such a way that downtime during a hard dirve/RAID failure can bring down to minimum. Our backup solutions can be used for Bare-metal restore of your server. There’s no point in monitoring just the important services such as http, mysql when you miss critical components such as File system, Storage Hardware, Security etc.


Prevention is better than cure. Always. This is how we implement it:


Preventing a data loss by replacing the faulty drives before the data is partially/completely lost.


Preventing a server crash and data loss by replacing the faulty drive and rebuilding the RAID before the RAID is crashed.


Preventing a file system crash and a probable data loss by fixing the filesystem before it crashes.

A disaster refers to the event that disrupts the normal functioning of an organization causing customer and revenue loss. Disaster recovery involves steps that are undertaken to minimize the adverse effects that might have to be suffered due to such a disaster. Server backup before a hard drive/RAID failure is the most recommendable disaster recovery measure in case of servers. Our backup restore solutions can be used for bare-metal restore of your server too.

Important services such as http, mysql etc have to be constantly monitored to avoid any possible disasters. Same importance has to be given to RAID, hard disks, file systems etc also since any damage to them disrupts the entire unit.

Disaster recovery steps can be classified into three classes:

Preventive measures: steps to prevent any possible disaster occurrence well in advance.

Detective measures: steps to detect or determine unwanted events.

Corrective measures: steps planned well in advance to correct any unexpected event with the minimum loss or anxiety.

These disaster recovery plans may either be short term plans for minor events that might occur or long term plans for major events that are unpredictable yet chances of occurrence is one in hundred percent.

As part of our disaster recovery process, we perform:


Initial server setup


Restore data from backup

Try restoring lost data from the hard disk