Third party application Maintenance

Third party application Management

Do you have a shopping cart/CMS site and other 3rd party applications that are running on an old version? If yes, your site and all other files are potentially at risk of getting hacked.

Do you know that 90% of website hacks are accomplished by exploiting the security holes left in outdated applications?

We can help you to install/upgrade/migrate third party applications with least down time and post migration issues, thanks to our expertise and experience in handling those tasks. We can also help you in securing/troubleshooting application issues and provide solutions to fix them.

We will setup, install, configure and upgrade the application the way you want it. We will also help you in migrating an application from one server to another.

Third Party Application Services we offer are:

Application installation

pplication migration




We support installation of applications in following categories

Content Management Services


Discussion Boards

Image Galleries


Customer Support


Mailing Lists

Project Management

Polls and Surveys