Network Operating Center Support Services

Server Management & Tech Support for Data Centers

Techbrace Data Centre support is a great solution for Data Centres, also known as Network Operating Centres or NOCs, due to its many advantages. You can keep the onsite engineers at minimum just for handling hardware issues and network related issues as well as issuing hard reboots. Rest everything will be taken care remotely by your Outsourced Support Team at Techbrace. You just have to provision Remote reboot facility and KVM access so that our experts can access your servers and issue commands.

Our engineers will provide 24x7 technical support (or part time if that is what you want) and will take care of server reboots, server down issues, server refuses to boot issue, filesystem corruption issues and other service related issues of your valued clients. If a server is diagonized with a hardware or network issue, it will be escalated to the Onsite Engineers. Thus Techbrace Outsourced Support for Data Centers helps you improve Technical Support quality by enrolling experts to your Support team and reduce man power cost by keeping Onsite engineers at minimum.

Our support allows you extend additional services to your clients such as 24x7 Server Monitoring, pro-active Server Management, Security Updates, Backup Solutions and Paid Support at an affordable pricing. Needless to say, these addon services would make your Data centre solutions further attractive to your clients.

Benefits of Techbrace Data Centre Support:

24x7 Proactive monitoring and management

Increased customer satisfaction

Cost effective

Access to skilled technicians

Services we offer are

Managing Helpdesk

End-user support

Monitoring and managing Servers

Hardware and Network maintenance

Server Security

Disaster recovery

Backup management