Techbrace Outsourced Hosting Support

Outsourced Web Architecture Management & Support

Techbrace provides web architecture management and outsourced technical support services round the clock to our valued clients all over the globe. We are your best partner to expertly manage your web & email architecture and provide excellent technical support to your valued clients. The combined talent, skill sets and experience of our engineers make us the best solution for outsourced hosting support.

Outsourced support for Web hosting companies

The backbone of a successful web hosting business is Excellent Server Management & Customer Support. Setting up an inhouse support team and maintaining them to provide a healthy 24x7 support is an expensive as well as tedious job. To ensure complete required expertise and 100% customer satisfaction with the resources will be even more difficult. But you need not worry! Techbrace is here to give you the best possible web hosting support solutions at an affordable price.

Outsourced support for Data Centers

Improve Technical Support quality by enrolling system experts to your Support team and reduce man power cost by keeping Onsite engineers at minimum with Techbrace Outsourced Support for Data Centers. Our engineers shall provide 24x7 technical support to your valued clients and take care of Server reboots, server doesn't boot issue, filesystem issues and other server/service related issues which can be resolved remotely through KVM access. Only issues that require physical intervention will be escalated to your Onsite Engineers.

Outsourced support for Corporates

Whether you are a Government entity, a Corporate firm or an individual you need the solid backing of a technology leader to support your web architecture to ensure successful running of your business online. We are aware that each firm has its own demands and requirements, hence we setup a unique custom architecture that works best for them - not just now, but also in the future. With Techbrace taking care of your web architecture, you get peace of mind as you finally have a scalable web architecture that works fine all the time without spending much.